About Us

  1. To provide an opportunity to network with other professionals 
  2. To mentor professionals in their career growth 
  3. Sustain and develop social services with a clear vision and professional expertise.
  4. To promote spiritual, ethical, and moral values among professionals.

Who We Are

From a modest beginning as a forum for professionals, PSF has aimed to become one of the fastest-growing networking group of professionals across the city. Today, Professionals of all varied professions ranging from, Architects, Accountants, Artists, Bloggers, Chefs, Consultants, Designers, Engineers, Educationists, Entrepreneurs, Economists, Freelancers, Graphic Designers, Journalists, Pharmacists, Photographers, Scientists, Software Developers, Social Service Workers, Technologists, just to name a few are connected for holistic development of self and the society.

We build a legendary reputation by providing a platform and developing thoughtful solutions for the professionals that enhances and utilizes their skills and talent for customized solutions delivered directly to the beneficiaries of our Sphere of Activities.

Today PSF is a place where professionals come together to make networking simpler, drive out inefficiency and create solutions that deliver better long-term value. we do this because professionals around us can identify the best in themselves.